Heating or Air Conditioning Problems?

Heating or Air Conditioning Problems?

Find expert repair solutions in York & Rock Hill, SC

Dealing with a broken or malfunctioning heater or AC unit can be an exercise in frustration. If you're having trouble keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, you need professional heating and air conditioning repair services.

You can count on TLH Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC. We serve residents within a 25-mile radius of York & Rock Hill, SC. Call now to make an appointment.

3 heating and air repair issues we often run into

To keep your unit operating reliably, it's important to stay on top of repairs. The repair technician at TLH Heating and Air Conditioning takes the time to explain how your HVAC equipment works and will let you know what's involved with the repair process. We'll help you recognize the signs that your unit needs repair, so you can call us as soon as possible when you see them.

Here are some basic heating and air conditioning repair issues:

  1. Dirty filters-dirty or clogged filters can cause your unit to overwork and overheat.
  2. Bad capacitors-broken capacitors can cause air conditioner fans to stop working.
  3. Lack of refrigerant-the refrigerant in your AC unit cools the air in your home. If your unit is low on refrigerant, it can't cool efficiently.

If you've noticed these or any other problems with your heating or air conditioning, call TLH Heating and Air Conditioning ASAP. We'll send our experienced contractor to your home in or around York & Rock Hill, SC, to get your unit up and running again in no time.